Basements make the perfect place for a home office! Why? Because they're private, sheltered from outside noise, and set away from the activity in the house upstairs. If you're working from home and seeking a place where you can get work done without interruption from your kids, pets or other members of your household, the basement may be the perfect location.


All you need to do now is make your home office comfortable! Below, we've outlined # home office set-ups that we think you'll love.


Under-the-Stairs Office Nook


A lot of people don't quite know what to do with the space under the basement s stairs. Did you know you could turn it into an office space? Work with your contractor to install a desk, then install shelving above the desk to ensure easy access to all your work supplies. The under-the-stairs office nook is a way to create an office with a small footprint - perfect for basements where space is in short supply.


Large Basement Office Room


Do you need as much space as possible to spread out while working? Dedicate a larger room in your basement to create your home office. Install shelves on the walls, a built-in desk personalized to your tastes and preferences, and enough outlets to plug in your computer and all your devices.


A big home office is a good choice if your entire business is run out of your home. Work with your contractor to ensure the flooring, wall color and lighting are coordinated.


Coordinating the look of your home office will help ensure the space is attractive, sleek and comfortable. Want natural lighting? Work with your contractor to install an egress window near your desk.


Perfectly Cozy and Private


Maybe you're interested in turning a corner of your basement into your home office. Section off that part of your office with a sliding door for privacy. Work with your contractor to build a desk off of the wall of your basement, and shelving above the desk.


Need extra office furniture for extra functionality? Ask your contractor to build cabinets onto the wall, and open shelving in the space around your desk where you can place knick-knacks, office supplies and other important items.


Half Office, Half Gym


Some people need to exercise during the workday to feel their best. Other people like to take meetings while walking on a treadmill. Work with your contractor to install a home gym in your home office. The basement is the perfect place for gym equipment, as long as your space is large enough.


Your contractor can help you plan an office space that will provide privacy for you while you work, and a suitable workout space where you can spend time during the workday.


Turning Your Basement Into a Home Office? Contact Matrix Home Solutions


Before you can create the perfect home office in your basement, first you'll need to finish your basement. Once that work is done, you can build in furniture, install comfortable attractive flooring, paint the walls and light up the space with modern lighting options. To learn more, contact Matrix Home Solutions and get started with your free consultation today.