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Lake Shangrila Basement Office

Working from home has been both a blessing and a headache for many workers in the Great Lakes region. But now that these arrangements look more permanent—or at least the probability of hybrid arrangements that will still keep us working remotely at least part of the time, it’s time to add a home office. And that means outfitting a shed and freezing in the Wisconsin winters, trudging through the snow in your backyard to get to work, or giving up the guest bedroom. Neither sounds appealing to most homeowners.

Depending on your home, the perfect solution might be finishing a small basement office. You might be dragging your feet because you think that basements are prone to flooding, filled with spiders, too cold, or too loud with the kids stomping around overhead. At Matrix Basement Solutions we can address all your basement office finishing concerns and help you create a comfortable space in your Lake Shangrila home.

Innovative Materials for the Perfect Basement Home Office in Lake Shangrila

As a leading basement remodeler in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, we have partnerships with the best brands in the industry to provide you with quality products that work. We can make your home office feel every bit as comfortable and luxurious as the rest of your Lake Shangrila home. Here are some of the features that we will add:

  • Moisture Barriers: We’ll add a layer of protection to the floor and walls in your basement that acts as an impermeable moisture barrier, making sure that excess ground moisture can’t reach your finishing materials like drywall and carpet.
  • Moisture Control: When necessary, we will outfit your basement with a professionally installed sump pump and dehumidifier to help keep things dry.
  • Insulation: We use eco-friendly, temperature regulating insulation to help keep your lower level comfortable.
  • Soundproofing: We’ll add layers of soundproofing material to your ceiling to dampen the noise from the rest of the home.
  • Lighting: Basements tend to be dark and dingy, but with professional lighting, you may not even notice you’re on the lower level.
  • Safety: We can add appropriate egress windows to keep lower-level occupants safe in the event of an emergency.

Get a Quote for Finishing a Basement Home Office in Lake Shangrila

When it comes to finding office space, basement options are often overlooked because many homeowners have misconceptions of how the space can be remodeled. That’s where hiring a quality custom basement finishing company like Matrix can really pay off. We can help you create cozy, comfortable spaces that are well-lit and enjoyable. It may be time to rethink your entire basement. We can add a home office, guest bedroom, bathrooms, a second kitchen, family room, play room, and more to your unfinished basement in Lake Shangrila. Call to schedule your estimate and design consultation today.