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Basement Bar

Finding the trendiest cocktail bar in your neighborhood is a fun adventure, but sometimes, you just don’t want to go out on the town. For those nights, a basement bar is a great thing to have. 

In your home, a bar for basement use can be the perfect place for parties and gatherings, as well as just for a space to have a drink and unwind after a busy day. 

At Matrix Home Solutions, we’ve done hundreds of basement remodeling projects, including basement bars. If you’re looking for the best home bar ideas—ones that are customized to what you want your home to look like, we’re the company to come to.

Make Your Basement Bar Plans Come to Life

At Matrix Home Solutions, we’re proud to create customized basement bar designs. We’re your one-stop shop for basement remodeling work, and our products and materials are built to look great and last for years down the road—so your basement bar plans won’t be interrupted by the need for repairs or updates! 

Whether you want something that looks like your favorite dive bar, something that’s ultra-modern and sleek, or something in-between, we’re ready to make your dream basement bar plans a reality.

Determine Finish Basement Cost for Your Project

One of the top questions we get about basement finishing is “How much will it cost?” We understand that—even when upgrading and updating your home, there’s always a budget to follow, and that’s why we’re upfront about our finish basement cost during your free consultation. 

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