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When you’re looking for some extra space for your family to gather, but you’re not looking to move, consider expanding your living area to the basement. Matrix Home Solutions is a basement renovation company that can provide complete basement family room finishing for Michigan homeowners. We'll help you turn even a damp downstairs area into a welcoming space for you and your family.

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It's important to hire an experienced basement remodeler for this job. Especially as this area of the home is often a challenge for contractors!

Michigan basements can be damp and even flood during fall and spring rains. This means they need the right type of finishing system to make sure your basement stays mold-free. With our water-resistant Forever Wall system, you get the moisture protection, efficiency, and style that you deserve. 

We only use fully licensed and certified contractors for finishing basements to guarantee that you get superior installation and design services. You will also have access to a range of refinishing options for your family room. Pick out the flooring, paint colors, and trim that you want for a unique space to call your own. When you hire us for a project, we'll work with you from beginning to end.

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When you're ready to have that family room, let us know—Matrix Home Solutions can provide you with a free estimate! We know that refinishing basements in Michigan is a costly effort. Let our team help you find a project that fits your budget by filling out our online form today.