Alright! You have decided to finally refinish the basement. It is a big task, but many people have done it, and so can you! Here are a few ideas to think about as you are scheming about DIYing your basement. 

1.  Think about hanging curtains to separate space. Instead of taking the traditional route, try hanging beautiful curtains to separate the open floor plan of the basement. It is affordable and chic. 

2. See if you can utilize the space under your stairs. Let's be honest. Usually the space under the stairs becomes the no-man's-land for all the junk you might need some day, but do not actually want. Instead of throwing boxes underneath the stairs, try utilizing the space. You could make the stairs into a bookshelf or an unconventional shadow box.

3. Buy a kit to help you with the panels. Installing structurally insulated panels can be difficult. Many people hire professionals to build and install them, but if you are looking to save some money, you can purchase a DIY kit from Matrix Basement. These kits allow you to do it all yourself. These kits come with manuals, wall panels, and splines. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions about your basement re-model.