Basement Kitchen

For many people, the mention of a basement brings to mind a cold, drab, underground room that’s used for storage or doing laundry. However, in recent years, that trend has shifted dramatically—thanks to home remodeling shows, design blogs, and YouTube home remodeling vloggers that have expanded our views on revamping this space inside our homes for more practical uses.

The idea of a finished basement area is not completely new—considering that basements have been used as game rooms, media rooms, and even home gyms for decades. However, what is certainly a newer idea and quickly gaining traction in Detroit and across the country is the installation of a second kitchen area in the basement.

At Matrix Basement Systems, we’re dedicated to enhancing our customer’s homes with beautifully remodeled and upgraded basement spaces. In this article, we’re exploring some of our favorite reasons why a basement kitchen can benefit your home—and how you can get started with this trending renovation project today.

Reasons for a Basement Kitchen

Converting the basement into a functional finished room is a relatively easy process when you have expert contractors that specialize in basement conversions. However, the key to a successfully completed basement kitchen is understanding what you gain from this choice, and how you can benefit from the conversion.

Our top three reasons for a basement kitchen are:

  • Entertainment Options: For homeowners that love to entertain their family and friends, you’ll know that the kitchen somehow winds up as the most frequently used room for gathering—often beating out the living room in popularity.

    With a second kitchen, you not only have more cooking space to work with inside your home—but you’ll also be able to design the space according to your needs. This means that you can create a space that’s functional and comfortable for entertaining guests in the kitchen—with built-in seating, a kitchen island, and other features used specifically for feeding a crowd.
  • Stand Out with Originality: Basement kitchens are still new. For those who want to show off their own unique style, this option represents the best opportunity to do so. Since the basement is separate from the rest of the house, you can choose any material, finish, or color scheme you want. The freedom to be as bold and creative as you want is at your fingertips with a basement kitchen.
  • The Beginning of Living Space: In time, you may want to add on to your basement by converting it to a full living space. This can be for a number of reasons. You may want to generate rental income, increase resale value, or even just want to comfortably host family that comes into town for the holidays. No matter the reason for why you want a fully done basement, adding a second kitchen is a great option.

Convert Your Basement with Matrix Basement Systems

Making a decision on how to finish your basement is a big decision. At Matrix Basement Systems, we understand that which is why we work with our customers from the initial consultation to the last installed cabinet. With us, you get a team of professionals with the necessary skills and experience to bring your basement kitchen dreams to life.

Whether you want to go for a modern kitchen complete with island and unique cabinets or just want to match your existing kitchen we have the materials and training you need. Everything from cabinetry to color palette is in our wheelhouse.

Part of what makes us the go-to contractor for a basement kitchen designs in Detroit and the surrounding areas is our willingness to walk through every aspect of the project with you.  Not only will we answer every question you have, but also with us you get a professional installation you can count on being done correctly the first time.

Ready to build the basement kitchen of your dreams? Give us a call to speak with a representative from Matrix Basement Systems today, or fill out our online form to schedule a free, in-home pricing estimate now.