Finished Basements

Imagine this scene for a moment:

You wake up in the morning with tired eyes and walk into your family living room. In your half-asleep state, you miss the torturous pile of Lego's from last night’s castle and walk right over them—OW!

For most families with small kids, toys seem to overtake the house. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a designated play area outside of your formal living room? 

You can!

By constructing a basement play area for kids, you won’t just eliminate toys from your living room floor. You’ll also be taking advantage of your home’s unused square footage. When you hire Chicago companies like Matrix Basement Systems, play areas have never looked better.

Turn Your Unused Square Footage into a Chicago Basement Playroom

If you’re tired of scrambling around the living room picking up toys before company comes, a basement playroom is a smart solution.

Creating a basement kids’ play area is an ideal way to make the most of your home’s square footage. When you work with a reputable home contractor, you can rely on them to use industry-leading products and services to create a gorgeous new playroom for your kids.

A basement play area for kids can help minimize the trail of toys throughout your home. It will also provide a safe space for them to have fun. There’s not always time to take them to your local park; a well-constructed play area is an enjoyable alternative.

When you have a basement playroom built, you will have the opportunity to include a wide variety of convenient features, such as:

  • Chalkboards for Little Artists
  • Cozy Reading Nooks
  • Built-In Bookshelves
  • Flexible Storage Space
  • Open Floor Plans for Creative Play

Is a Basement Play Area for Kids the Right Option for Your Home?

You may be wondering if a Chicago basement playroom is worth the cost—the answer is yes. Even after your kids have outgrown their Matchbox cars and Barbie dolls, you will still get great use out of your finished basement.

Contractors like Matrix Basement Systems continuously hear from customers how much they love their basement remodeling projects. Home basements are often underutilized, and finishing yours is an easy way to create more living space in your home.

If you want to give your children a safe place to play, that’s not your living room floor, a basement play area for kids is the perfect option.