Man Cave

One of the most popular rooms to remodel is the basement. When done right, this room can serve as a valuable addition to maximize the space and add value to any home. 

When it comes to choosing how to renovate the basement, the choices are endless—you can turn a basement into practically anything you want, from a rec room, to an extra kitchen, a bedroom, or an office or a gym. 

At Matrix Basement Systems, a growing trend our expert contractors love is the “man cave” basement renovation. With the help of a reputable basement remodeling company, this transformation allows you to enjoy incredible basement man cave designs while contributing to the value and aesthetic of your home.

What’s in a Man Cave?

The joy of a man cave lies in the near-complete control you have over the design and function of the room. A “man cave” is a private space that the man of the house can use that is truly his—influenced by his own design tastes and unique self-expression. Unlike an upstairs room renovation, which must blend with the rest of the home décor, a man cave basement renovation can stand on its own in just about every way possible.

That being said, not everyone knows exactly where to start when it comes to figuring out what their basement man cave should look like. Fortunately, we have compiled a checklist that will help you get started on the man cave of your dreams, or at least the one that matches your budget.

The Host of the Party

One of the most popular man cave themes caters to those that love to entertain. Those that choose this type of floor plan have usually designed their man caves for the purpose of having friends over to watch ball games, play cards, eat and drink, and just bond. 

Some excellent features to implement when planning a basement renovation for entertainment purposes are: 

  • Basement Bar: Whatever your drink of choice, you want your man cave to be stocked accordingly. No better way to accomplish this than with your very own stocked basement bar. Plus, think of the reduced trips back up the stairs you’ll save yourself.
  • Basement Game Room: Think pool tables, Ping-Pong, or for those who are heavily into electronics, a fully loaded entertainment system complete with your console and games of choice.
  • Sports Area: If you and your friends are a little sportier, consider putting in a putting area, dartboard, or other sports equipment perfect to test your skills without the unnecessary risk to the structure of your home.
  • Band Space: Maybe you and your friends are musicians or you just really want an area dedicated to listening to music. Either way, you can’t go wrong by adding a music-friendly area for you and your friends.
  • Fortress of Solitude

Maybe hosting groups of friends isn’t your thing—or at least, not usually. Another great option for men that prefer peace, quiet, and solitude is to design their man caves for personal use only. Many of the men who fall under this category have strong personal passions, hobbies, or collections and wish to use their space to reflect those interests.

Some common collections seen in “personal” man caves include: 

  • Vintage cars
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Vintage instruments
  • Jukeboxes
  • Arcade games
  • Beer, Wine, or Liquor
  • Cigars

Important Features for the Perfect Man Cave

The point of having a man cave is to create a space that is truly yours in every sense f the word. This means embracing what you’re passionate about and reserving this space to pay homage to such interests. That being said, it’s mandatory to have most if not all of the following items in your man cave.

  • Recliners, Couches, and Comfortable Seating
  • Flat-Screen TV Sets and Stereo Systems
  • A Bar Area with Bar Stools
  • Extra Seating for Comfort
  • Personal Touches 

Beginning a Basement Renovation

By now, you’re probably sold on the idea of converting your basement into a man cave. However, before you start picking out that new recliner or TV, make sure to consider hiring a reputable and high-quality renovation company to make your vision a reality. There’s a lot more to basement renovation than just the design, after all—and a good remodeling company will understand what needs to be done to make the renovation a success. 

For example, a professional remodeling company will handle the following aspects of a renovation to ensure that your man cave doesn’t just look great—but that it also adds value and functionality to your home for years to come.

  • Basic Plumbing
  • Water Management System
  • Exterior Wall Insulation
  • Moisture-Resistant Walls
  • Moisture-Resistant Flooring

Build Your Man Cave with Matrix Basement Systems

When it comes to remodeling the basement, the options are endless. The first and most important decision you’ll need to make is the company you work with—which can dramatically affect the outcome of your project.

At Matrix Basement Systems, we want all of our customers to experience the joy of an affordable, easy, and beautiful home renovation. Whether you’re upgrading your basement, renovating your bathroom, or building a new room addition, we’d love to help you achieve a flawless result. Some of the services we provide for homeowners upgrading their basement areas include:

  • Man Cave Bars
  • Full and Half Baths
  • Kitchens
  • Home Theaters
  • And More!

Ready to turn your basement into the man cave of your dreams? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional basement man cave design services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.