Congratulations on deciding to finish your basement! So many people fail to make the most of this space, and they are missing out on so many great opportunities. In fact, choosing what you want to do with your basement remodel can be one of the hardest choices.

Which option is right for you? Here are some of the most popular basement remodeling trends right now. Maybe you’ll feel inspired!

Extra Bedroom

There are many reasons you might want to transform your basement into an extra bedroom. Maybe you have a large family and your older child needs more space. Maybe you’re caring for an elderly loved one, or maybe you want a comfortable guest room.

Make it your own

How can you transform a dark-looking basement into a more welcoming space? Here are some ideas you might find useful:

  • Add plenty of overhead lighting and apply white paint to the walls for a brighter space.
  • For a dim and cozy feel, consider grey walls with a bright colored trim.
  • Install ceiling fans to improve airflow.
  • Stain the staircase for an elegant entrance.

Basement Bar

If you’re fond of entertaining guests or enjoy unwinding after a long week at work, a basement bar might come in handy. No more going up and down stairs for drinks, and the atmosphere is impressive to say the least. Adding a basement bar also increases the resale value of your home.

Make it your own

There are virtually endless possibilities when designing your basement bar ranging from classy and sophisticated to upbeat and vibrant. Whatever feel you’re going for, here are some basics you will need:

  • Create the right ambiance with purposefully placed lighting.
  • Provide comfortable seating at the bar.
  • Add custom cabinetry and a wine storage structure.
  • Purchase a trendy drink serving table.

Man Cave

Everyone needs a place to call their own, and a man cave might be just what you’re dreaming of. From quiet times of contemplation and rest to enjoying a good game or the latest Netflix craze, a man cave is a multi-purpose space that many go for these days.

Make it your own

Man cave design possibilities limitless, so take some time to decide how you will put your haven to use. You probably have some ideas in mind already, but here are some suggestions just in case:

  • Design a versatile space for work and play.
  • Maximize comfort with new sofas and recliners.
  • Entertain with a pool table, air hockey table, or mini golf course.
  • Install a home theater system with surround sound speakers.

Like what you read? If you’re ready to begin designing your perfect basement, contact Matrix Basement Finishing System today for a personalized consultation and cost estimate!