Is there anything more frightening than finding mold in your bathroom? Mold is not only slimy and gross but it can cause health problems for you and your family. We’ve put together some tips to help you discover if you have a mold problem and what you can do to get rid of mold in bathroom areas and keep it from coming back.


Identifying Mold in Bathroom


  • Where Does it Grow? - Mold could show up anywhere in your bathroom but some of the most common places you should look include: caulk, grout, tiles, corners of the shower, under non-slip mats, the window sill, and under the sink.
  • Different Types of Mold - There are a dozen or more different mold types, according to the CDC quoted in an article by The Today Show. However, it’s not important to identify the different types--just follow the same precautions and do what is necessary to remove it from your home.
  • What About Mildew - Mildew has a strong scent but is it as dangerous as mold? Yes. Mildew is actually the precursor to mold so taking care of a mildew problem early will help prevent mold growth.


Bathroom Mold Removal and Follow Up Tips


  • How to Get Rid of Mold in Bathroom or Elsewhere?
    Bleach and vinegar are both great tools for cleaning small areas of mold. There are many mold removal products on the market too that can help as well. However, according to a study published in the Wall Street Journal, most cleaning supplies kill about 46% of the microbes & can be less effective over time.  What do you do about the other 54%?

  • How can Matrix help?
    Matrix uses Microban Antimicrobial protection in its Luxury Bath System.  What does that mean?  It means that the surfaces in your bathroom are made with and FDA and EPA approved textiles & silver ion technology that helps to eliminate the unwanted microbes that can cause disease and mold.  Microban fights microbes for you 24/7.

    In addition to using Microban-infused acrylic products, Matrix also uses Microban sealants to ensure that you won't be endlessly scrubbing the corners of your shower to remove mold over time.  

    Matrix also uses the world's strongest adhesive in your bathroom.  This means, your tiles are less likely to move and break the sealant, and offers less opportunity to let water and mold growth in.


While the idea of mold is frustrating and scary, it is important that you stay on top of this issue and remedy it as soon as possible. Then, stay on top of the issue to make sure you do not get any regrowth. In many cases, a little prevention can go a long way. Just remember that if the mold problem is out of control, you may want to reach out to a professional to help you get things under control.