It's estimated that the average American today spends about 90 percent of their time indoors - and while much of this time is likely spent at the office, a good chunk of it is also spent within the confines of your home too. Noting this, it's important to have a home that you're proud of and that you're comfortable in. Homes aren't like hotel rooms in that you're doing a lot more than just sleeping there, so why would you settle for anything less than the home you want? It might involve some work, renovation and adapting to whatever your lifestyle is, but it's worth it to create the home that feels, well, like "home." Here's a look at three signs that your home is in need of an update:



Three Signs it's Time to Update Your Home


1. Your Bathroom Looks Like it Did When Your Home Was Built


This isn't a big deal if your home is new construction and was built within the last five years or so, but consider the fact that the average home is estimated to be about 36 years old. Think of all the ways things have changed in the past three-plus decades, home style and decor included. So if one or more of your bathrooms today looks like it belongs in "The Facts of Life," you're more than due for an upgrade. A bathroom remodel project isn't just an ideal time to adjust the layout, improve the lighting and update the vanity, colors, flooring, and other fixtures and appliances. It's also a great opportunity to address any mold problems and leaks that may be present. Since bathrooms are a source of moisture and humidity, mold and mildew growth can build up over time. Much of these issues can often be resolved by installing better ventilation in the space.


scary basement


2. Your Basement Scares You


Naturally, basements aren't the most inviting spaces in the home. In fact, their main purpose other than acting as a foundation for the home is to house your HVAC equipment and other appliances. However, basements are prone to a variety of problems, such as water intrusion, and mold and mildew growth - and if these issues aren't repaired accordingly, they're only likely to get worse over time. This can hurt your home's resale value and also potentially lead to some health complications from mold exposure. If your basement scares you, now's the time to take action on a basement remodel to transform it into the additional living space you've always wanted. Start with fixing any foundation issues and waterproofing it to avoid larger, bigger problems down the road. After you do this, the options for this type of home renovation are endless


3. Your Family Has Grown (or is Growing)


Perhaps you purchased your home by yourself. Then your significant other moved in. And then you started a family together. Now, before you know it, you're moving your first born out of the nursery and into a "big kid room" to make way for another baby that's on the way. As you change, so too will the way you utilize your home. And unless you're content on moving with each major life milestone that occurs, you'll need to update your home to support your family over the years. For instance, a bathroom remodel might consist of replacing a shower stall with a bathtub to make bathing young children easier. Or a basement remodel might consist of establishing a designated playroom or a second family room to extend your home's functional living space. Any type of home renovation isn't just essential to fixing issues, updating areas and improving resale value, but transforming the home so it fits your particular life at the time.


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