A finished basement extends the usable space in your home and adds resale value, which is why it's one of the more attractive home remodel projects you can pursue. What's more is that the options for what you turn your basement into are truly unlimited. If it's a big enough space, you can even remodel it into more than just one room or area. In this post, we'll cover five popular basement renovation ideas and some key considerations you'll need to weigh for each one. Here's a closer look:


5 Ways to Use Your Basement


Family Room


Is the main living area of your home on the smaller side? Or perhaps you're continuing to grow your family? Either way, perhaps the most practical all-around way to use your basement is as an extension of the rest of your home. Dome lighting, neutral colors and crown molding can give this room a look and feel that matches - or even exceeds - the rest of your home. Add some furniture, a TV set and some comfortable carpeting, and you and your family will want to spend time together as much in the basement as you do in any other room of the house.


Man Cave


It's a dream for most men to finish their basement so that it becomes the premiere spot for them to escape from their wives and kids, crack a beer with friends and turn on the big game. You can hang your sports memorabilia and show off your collectibles here, set up a pool table or a dart board, and do what you need to do to make it the ideal hangout. A man cave basement renovation may also consist of installing a wet bar and a bathroom so you and your pals don't have to retreat upstairs every time nature calls. The one downside to a man cave basement is that it's not exactly a suitable area for everyone in your family, so it's not necessarily as much of an extension of home living space as it is a luxury. 


Home Office


With many businesses now giving their employees the option of working from home, a basement home office is a way for you to be able to go to work without leaving the confines of your property. But there are a few notable features you'll want your basement home office to have. For instance, natural light is proven to boost your mood and increase your productivity, so it's important that any home office is designed in a way that lets it in. It's also a good idea to design the space in a way where there's a desk for your computer and several other tables so you can lay out drawings, proofs, story boards and anything else that you're working on. 


spare bedroom


Spare Bedroom


Whether you're looking to regularly host guests, create a more private space for a grown child still living at home or you want to boost your income by renting out additional living space, you can't go wrong with a spare bedroom. However, spare bedrooms do have a tendency to be among the more expensive home remodels, as spare bedrooms can quickly turn into spare apartments with bathrooms, kitchens and more. You'll also need to meet certain building code standards, such as egress window placement. 


Home Gym


Sick of paying a monthly gym fee and commuting to your workout every day? By turning your basement into your own personal home gym, the commute to a great workout will be nothing more than just a few steps away. There are a few key considerations that you'll want to incorporate in any home gym. For instance, ceiling height is important, as much of the equipment can make for a tight fit if it's too low. You'll also want to be sure that any equipment you're bringing downstairs will be able to get downstairs, which makes stairwell design important. 


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