While catching a movie during a night out on the town can still make for a fun experience, the truth is that how people consume films has drastically changed as video streaming services have become more popular. Although it's common to catch Hollywood hits on the big screen, you don't necessarily have to leave the comfort and convenience of your home to enjoy films any longer. With streaming services packed with hours of first-class entertainment, it may make more sense to bring the theater to your home. 


One ideal way to do this is to transform all or part of your basement into a home theater. In this post, we'll take a closer look at how to embark on this popular basement remodel and what considerations you'll need to keep in mind to achieve a true movie theater experience.


First Things First: Properly Finish Your Basement



Before show time, you first need to take the right steps to ensure that your basement renovation is performed correctly. By that we mean that any basement home remodel needs to take into account a basement's tendency to harbor mold and moisture. Being that the basement is the lowest level of the home, it tends to be a source for water intrusion. And where water exists, moisture and humidity, mold growth isn't far behind. These conditions, while not ideal, aren't a deal-breaker for an unfinished basement. 


The presence of moisture in a basement is likely to dampen building materials, which can lead to mold growth. In order to remediate the mold, especially on porous building materials like drywall and carpeting, they will need to be removed and replaced. Untreated mold can lead to health problems, such as more intense allergic reactions, respiratory issues, skin irritation and headaches. It can also be destructive to property and continue to spread throughout a basement or home. This is why the first step in any basement remodel needs to account for eliminating any moisture, and the Matrix Wall System can help accomplish this.


After you take the necessary steps to prevent such issues, you can begin your home theater project.


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A Guide to Movie Theater Room Layout

Once the basement is roughed in and enclosed, it's time to move on to creating the perfect home theater environment. Here's a look at the considerations that you'll want to account for:

Choosing the Right Wall

You'll want to choose a wall for your home theater screen, and while any wall can work, some are better than others. For instance, a wall that receives little to no daylight will make for better movie viewing conditions. It's also important to select a wall that you can best organize seating around. 

Projector vs. TV

After you select the wall you want your screen to go on, you'll have to make another big decision: Do you go with a TV or a projector? This is largely a decision that you'll make on personal preference. Projectors are nice in that they can provide more of the home theater vibe. And if you select the right wall, you won't even need a screen to watch the movie on; it can be projected directly onto the wall itself. However, you may need to hang the projector to create an ideal home theater viewing experience. Another option is to purchase a TV. Today, a 50-inch or larger HDTV isn't as cost prohibitive as what it used to be. 


No home theater home remodel is complete without surround sound. Don't rely on any built in speakers, make sure that you also invest in external surround sound speakers so you can truly immerse yourself into the movie watching experience. Like other entertainment technology, speakers have come a long way in quality and in affordability. 


Make sure that any seating you acquire is comfortable and complements the space. You don't want to settle in for a two-hour movie on anything less. 

'Concessions' Area

We all love movie theater popcorn...or at least something close to the real thing. By including a small kitchenette in your basement remodel, you can be closer to some great refreshments to enjoy with your feature presentation. 


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