A basement or bathroom remodel is a great way to raise your homeʼs value while also giving your living space a new look. Whether you need to make room for a growing family or youʼre interested in adding square footage to your home, a basement renovation is an ideal way to expand. If you have an outdated bathroom, upgrading it can provide a more stylish and comfortable environment for getting ready or unwinding after a long day. Keep the following fall style ideas in mind when youʼre thinking about what changes to make to your bathroom or basement.


Basement Options


If youʼre thinking of converting your basement, there are several options to consider. You can use it as a larger living area or a family room for spending quality time together. Other options to consider include using your basement or part of your basement as an extra bedroom. You might also want to consider turning your basement into a movie or media room where you can enjoy watching your favorite films or shows on a large screen in a comfortable setting.


If youʼre using your basement as a family room, this yearʼs furniture trends include more rounded designs rather than sleek or streamlined designs for sofas and chairs. Freeform, organic designs for beds, sofas, and chairs are also in style. Other trends to consider for your basement include built-in seating, green and olive tones, and woven materials, such as rattan.


Bathroom Renovation Options


If youʼre considering a bathroom remodel, a few different projects can provide you with a high return on your investment. These include installing a new tub or shower or a bath to shower conversion. You can also make changes to the walls around your tub or shower to update your bathroomʼs look overall.


Bathroom trends for this year include wood paneling and floor to ceiling tiles. Wood paneling adds warmth and a rustic appearance to bathrooms, while floor to ceiling tiles create a bold, eye-catching look. Dusty greens and deep blues can create a serene environment in your bathroom, whether you use these tones for tile, wallpaper, or paint.

pantone colors


Pantone 2020 Colors


Whether youʼre remodeling your basement or renovating your bathroom, keep in mind that Pantoneʼs 2020 color of the year is Classic Blue. This deep shade of blue adds a calming presence and an elegant look to finished basements and bathrooms. What ways can you use this tone in your bathroom or basement? For bathrooms, consider a Classic Blue vanity surrounded by lighter, neutral tones, such as white or beige. Having a blue vanity in a sea of neutral colors makes it a focal point in your bathroom.


For your basement, there are several ways to use this shade of blue. You can fill your finished basement with Classic Blue furniture to create a relaxing environment. Alternatively, you can add just a touch of this tone as an accent color, such as with an area rug or throw pillow. You can even have one wall painted in this tone as an accent wall, or have all of your basement walls painted in Classic Blue.


Year-Round Decor Ideas


While fall style ideas can add a seasonal touch to your home, keep in mind that they might not work all year round. If youʼre looking for decor ideas you can use throughout the year, trends for 2020 include black accents, marble, and natural materials. Black accents can include a sink in an otherwise light-colored bathroom or black cabinets. You can also add black accents to your basement with decor items for a classic look all year round. Other trends include marble mirrors and marble lamps, as well as, terracotta accent pieces and jute or sisal area rugs.


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