While a basement renovation is a great way to add living space or specially themed rooms to your home, it doesn't often come without its share of headaches over time. A basement buildout is typically framed and constructed similar to any other part of the house, meaning it's likely being performed with conventional wood studs and drywall or via the installation of wall panels. However, in an area that's likely to experience elevated amounts of moisture, these materials can be ruined quickly and harbor harmful mold growth, leading to a costly and inconvenient property restoration effort. That's where the Matrix Forever Wall, part of a proprietary Basement Wall System, can shine on the lower, often more problematic, level of your property. Here's a closer look at this system and its benefits over conventional construction practices.


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Benefits of the Matrix Basement Wall System


The Matrix Basement Wall System consists of three components: metal studs, spray foam insulation and Purple Board. Here's a look at all of its advantages when used in a basement remodel or renovation compared to conventional wood studs, standard insulation and drywall. 


Metal Studs

Metal studs offer an enhanced level of structural stability and, unlike conventional wood studs, aren't susceptible to mold damage, rot or pest infestations. The Matrix Basement Wall System begins with metal framing and then continues on to spray foam insulation and Purple Board installation to create a final solution that's more than 300 percent stronger than traditional basement construction practices.


Moisture Resistant Properties

The Wall System is completely moisture resistant thanks to the continuous barrier that is formed with the spray foam and subsequent installation of Purple Board material. The high-density spray foam used doesn't just create an ideal vapor and moisture barrier that so many basement buildouts lack, but it also offers other benefits, such as energy efficiency. 


It's Energy Efficient

The spray foam used as part of the Basement Wall System doesn't just help create a barrier against vapor and moisture, but it also serves as an insulator that can reduce your home's heating and cooling bills by up to 30 percent. A polyurethane foam, or SPF, is used with the System. It's applied into place following any plumbing or electrical rough-in work passes inspection. 


Strong, Dust Tech Purple Board

The final component of the Matrix Wall System is installing Purple Board, which adds an additional layer of mold and mildew resistance to any basement project. In fact, Purple Board offers the lowest mold and mildew resistance score possible, and it won't warp or move like conventional building materials are likely to do. This Greenguard Certified material also has Dust Tech properties when it is mudded and taped, meaning it can help reduce airborne dust by up to 60 percent. Once the walls are finished, they're ready to be primed and painted.

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Ideal for All Types of Basement Renovation Projects

Our Wall System is perfect for any type of basement remodel thanks to the unlimited decor options it permits. Common basement projects involve additional living or family rooms, guest suites, man caves or entertainment areas, game rooms, home gyms, bathrooms, home theaters and more.


Made in the USA

The Matrix Wall System is made in the United States and comes with a lifetime material and labor warranty so you can have peace of mind that you've made the right choice on your basement remodel. 


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