With space at a premium in most homes, garages have become versatile spaces for modern families. Many homeowners decide to kick the car to the curb and transform their garages into the perfect space with a little creativity and the right tools from Matrix Homes Solutions. If you don't know what to do with your garage, this article provides numerous ideas. All you have to do is decide which one best meets your needs and get to work on your upgrades today!

garage system



Are your closets overflowing? Sure, you might have some cleanup to do. But after you've thrown away everything you don't want, what happens when you still don't have enough space? Inevitably, garages morph into storage spaces. Rather than fight it, go vertical with Matrix specialty storage racks. We provide heavy-duty storage solutions for golf bags, tires, firewood and other items. Use our bike racks to organize your cycles or a foldaway bench for tools. Wall-mounted or freestanding shelves hold miscellaneous items and free up your floor for walking space and vehicles.


Adult Playroom

Whether you want to create a recording studio or woodworking area, Matrix Home Systems has the tools needed to organize your garage into a playground with the right technology for your hobby or home business.
    • Welded, 18-gauge steel cabinetry has magnetic door latches for convenient use and storage space for tools, supplies and everything you need for your adult playroom.
    • Modular storage solutions let you use floor to ceiling wall space to organize all of your sports equipment.

garage system


Man Cave

Every homeowner has their own idea of what a man cave constitutes. Partitioning off a corner of the garage for manly activities can provide an outlet for men (or women) who need hobby space instead of sharing a bedroom with shop tools or a collection of sports memorabilia. Besides, man caves aren’t just for men. Regardless of how you choose to decorate, keep the space neat and organized with durable, easy-clean Floortex solutions. Our Floortex solutions install in one day and include a UV stable topcoat that won't fade or yellow as well as a high-gloss finish for lasting shine. This makes it easy to clean up oil and gas spills and can turn your garage into a professional-looking space.


Garage Gym

Work and family life leave little time to stay in shape — unless you build your own garage gym.  Garages provide large open spaces that are larger than other rooms in your house. This makes them ideal spaces to transform into a traditional gym or specialized studio.
    • CrossFit gym
      •  Add rubber mats for flooring and suspension systems to store workout tools, boxes and stations for your CrossFit gym.
    • Yoga studio
      • Install Matrix custom flooring as a clean base for mats, add mirrors and lighting to your garage and make an awesome meditation and yoga zone.  With fully-customizable organization systems, we’ll cater to your every need for storage to make this a true zen zone.
    • Traditional home gym
      • Go old school with a traditional gym by adding exercise mats on top of durable, shock-resistant Floortex flooring. Add Matrix cabinets to stow away workout gear and maximize space.
Book an appointment with Matrix today for customized solutions for your garage renovation! Our garage systems let you utilize every inch of space and there may even be room for the car when we’re done.