Is this the year you’ll reclaim your basement? Basements today look nothing like the one you probably knew growing up, with its breaker box, furnace, and water heater taking center stage. One of the most popular new year home renovation trends includes a new, usable basement design. So say goodbye to dark and dusty, and make this the year you expand your home’s living space downstairs. A full basement remodel not only boosts your home’s resale value, but it provides a lovely space for your family to sleep and play. Here’s what homeowners around the country are doing to reclaim this fabulous space. 

1. Adding a Guest Suite

Before deciding to turn your under-used basement into a guest suite, consider its size. You’ll need considerable space for this option, especially if you plan to include a kitchenette, separate bath, and bedroom. Is your basement already plumbed? If not, you must account for adequate plumbing updates in your budget to include the installation of water and drain pipes. Also ask yourself whether a guest suite is the most practical use for your family’s basement remodel. This is a great option for families who entertain out-of-town guests frequently, or for families who have elders to care for. 

According to 2020 estimates, turning your basement into a guest suite can add as much as $29,000 to the value of your home, especially if you make the space rentable. If you have the need and the available budget, a basement guest suite could be a rewarding basement design for everyone involved. 

basement remodel


2. Creating a Downstairs Pub

If you and your partner crave a space that caters to adults, consider a basement renovation that turns your unused basement into a charming home pub. Again, you’ll want to budget for water pipes, at least, because every cozy pub needs a wet bar. And if bar entertainment is an important addition to your basement remodel, consider adding a well-finished half-bath, which also increases your home’s resale value. 

Another consideration to make with a pub addition is how much use this current design trend will have for members of your family. If you need more space for adult entertaining than you do for child-related activities, an in-home pub could be the solution. You won’t need a huge space to bring this design trend to life, and it’s a budget-friendly choice as well. 

3. Installing a Home Office

With record numbers of professionals now working from home, why not plan a basement remodel that turns this quiet space into a luxurious home office? You could even add a walk-out option by including French doors or glass sliders to your new basement design. Even better, a designated home office may qualify you for up to $1,500 in tax credits in the new year. 


4. Designing a Teen Hang-Out

If you have one or more teenagers living at home, consider a basement remodel that gives them a “grown-up” space to have fun with friends. This is one of the most simple home renovation trends, as it can be completed in basements small or large and doesn’t require plumbing. If kids can access the Wi-Fi downstairs, that’s all that matters. Consider filling the newly finished space with cozy, durable seating, and add a few teen-friendly amenities such as a large-screen TV, gaming console, and mini-fridge. 

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5. Expanding Your Living Space

Perhaps one of the most popular new year home renovation trends is simply reclaiming an unfinished basement as an extension of your upstairs living space. More square footage of living space translates into a higher resale value, while giving you and your family room to stretch out and relax. This basement design calls for a full bath and comfort features such as climate control and access to natural light.