Your bathroom is a pretty utilitarian place in your home; it's not the first place you might think of when you want to modernize your space. Your bathroom offers so many points of modernized renovation, and it'd be a shame to not take advantage of that potential. From an updated bath/shower to new tiles and accents, you've got a blank canvas in your house.


Modernizing your bathroom means improving not only the look but also the functionality. From fixtures and shower doors to the rugs, towels, and decor you use, isn't it about time your bathroom got a little freshening up?


What makes a bathroom modern?

You might think modernity exists in removing antique or dated fixtures, art, and linens, and you'd be partly right. Modern design has less to do with the time period of your decorations, and rather a focus on form over function. A modern bathroom doesn't strive to use contemporary additions - it aims to be minimalist, functional, and organized.


Modern designs use neutral or cooler color palettes, with crisp edges and lines, and a distinct lack of clutter. Finally, you want the highest level of functioning from the elements of your bathroom:


  • Fixtures that focus on reducing waste
  • Sleek, attractive shower enclosures
  • Glass, wood, and metal over plastic

The modern shower

In addition to higher efficiency from your faucets and showerhead, a modern bathroom remodel employs cutting-edge tech in the fight against germs. One way to make your shower enclosure work for you is to redesign with Microban technology.


Microban is an antimicrobial product that drastically inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, and viruses on surfaces. While it can be used as a surface treatment, when it's incorporated into your shower's material, it constantly fights off microbes. The resulting lack of mildew and microbes keeps your shower safe and sparkling, with far less hands-on cleaning necessary compared to tile or fiberglass.


Upgrade your doors

A shower curtain does its job well, but glass doors are the pinnacle of a modern bathroom design. They look sleek and clean up easily, and simply give your bathroom a more sophisticated edge. Adding glass doors to a shower remodel completes the look, creating a durable centerpiece for your modern redesign.


Outfitting your modern bathroom

Because modern design is all about simplicity and form, decor should be kept at a minimum. A popular focus of a modern bathroom is to incorporate the same colors and design elements in each piece. Similar patterns, shapes, colors, and materials should tie the whole room together. Above all else, having an out-of-view organization system to keep everything clean and uncluttered will give your bathroom a peaceful, calming atmosphere.


A modern bathroom is easier than you think

A bathroom remodel doesn't have to be difficult. If you're looking for a Chicago bathroom remodeler, Matrix Bath Systems can help you design your new space from the ground up. Our shower enclosures are measured to your specifications, designed by you, and created entirely for your bathroom. All of our enclosures use Microban technology, keeping them clean and safe for life.


Our design team can help you create the bathroom of your dreams, and we can install it in as little as one day. If you'd like to see how Matrix Bath Systems can help with your Chicago bath remodel, contact us today for a free quote.