Most bathrooms need to be updated every twenty years or so, to keep them looking and functioning their best. If it's been a long time since your bathroom was remodeled, you don't need to perform a full remodel to get an all-new look. If you're on a budget or short on time and simply want to make a small upgrade, these 5 easy DIY updates for your bathroom can make all the difference.


1. Paint


Repainting can be finished in a day, but once it's done, it can change the look of your bathroom forever. When choosing the right paint for your bathroom, remember to select a finish that's either semi-gloss or gloss. These paints are shiny, reflective, and resistant to moisture penetration, which makes them perfect for bathrooms.


The best colors for bathrooms are typically lighter in shade, to keep the bathroom looking airy and spacious. Paint samples on the walls before choosing the color that's right for your bathroom.


2. Replace Light Fixtures


Light fixtures make all the difference in a small room like the bathroom. Adequate light can prevent accidents and can also stop your bathroom from looking gloomy. Replace the light fixtures in your bathroom to add a modern appeal to this small indoor space.


We recommend installing light fixtures that are varied and interesting. Try a combination of pendant lighting, overhead lighting and recessed lighting to give yourself options and to make your bathroom look as attractive as possible.


3. Upgrade Sink Fixtures


Installing a new sink is a way to make your bathroom look notably different and more modern. Replace that old drop-in sink with a modern vessel sink or an easy to clean, sleek undermount.


Upgrading your sink fixture is an easy DIY project for a confident DIYer, but if you're feeling less than confident in your ability to change your sink, consider hiring a reputable contractor to get the work done!


4. New Curtain & Shower Mat & Towers


Want to make your shower the pride and joy of the bathroom? Install a new shower curtain, shower mat and shower tower. A shower tower is a luxury shower fixture that makes bathing more enjoyable and also more effective. A beautiful shower tower makes your bathroom more like a spa, where you can enjoy a comfortable, relaxing bathing experience.


5. Accent Accessories


Accent accessories like plants, attractive soap dishes and even paintings make your bathroom a more attractive, and enjoyable space to behold. It's important to choose just the right bathroom accents for your space, and not too many.

Don't let your bathroom get cluttered, or you could find cleaning your bathroom challenging. Choose just a few accents, and place them in the bathroom before deciding whether more are appropriate.


Ready For a Full Bathroom Upgrade? Contact a Reputable Contractor


Make your bathroom the centerpiece of your house! Replace your toilet, paint the walls, install new light fixtures, a new sink, new shower tower and more with a general contractor that can make your bathroom the most luxurious bathroom in your home. Call Matrix Home Solutions today to make an appointment for a free consultation.