Everyone loves a shower - it's a great place to get clean quickly or just relax away the stress of the day. Unfortunately, a lot of bathrooms are only equipped with tubs, leaving the homeowner thinking they can't install a shower without a complete remodel. Thankfully, this isn't the case - a tub-to-shower conversion is relatively simple and can be done in as little as one day.


Let's take a look at the benefits and potential downsides to investing in a tub-to-shower conversion.


Why consider a tub-to-shower conversion?


The main two practical reasons for using a shower rather than a tub are energy costs and time. A shower is quick, uses less energy, and can have you clean in a few minutes, with no filling or draining to wait on.


Additionally, conversions are far cheaper, quicker to accomplish, and neater than a full-scale bathroom remodel. Would you rather have your bath out of commission for a week or a day? Obviously, if you want a full remodel, you can add the conversion in, but if you just want a shower, why go through all that hassle?


Showers are more valuable when you want to rent or sell, too. For the reasons we outlined in the first paragraph, showers are more desirable than a tub, and if a new homeowner doesn't have to do the conversion themselves, that's a huge plus. This is in contrast to the fact that baths don't really add value to a home - most realtors state that homebuyers don't really care.


A shower is more desirable for older tenants as well. There are more accidents in the bathroom than in any other room in the house, and stepping in and out of a tall tub is a huge part of those accidents. A low-threshold shower is simply safer, not just for the elderly but for everyone.


Showers also take up less room, giving your bathroom a more wide-open feel. This is sometimes because the shower is actually smaller than the outline of the bath, but it's more often perceived as larger when you have clear shower doors. Either way, the effect can be that your bathroom is roomier than before the conversion.


Downsides to converting from a bath to a shower


Though the downsides are not as impactful as the upside, there are a few considerations you should explore.


The first is that families with small children tend to use baths more often. Bathing very small kids is simply always going to be easier in a bath, and children like taking baths. New mothers as well get tremendous relief from soaking in a hot bath. If you have kids, plan on having kids, or you likely will sell to a family with small children, a bath might be more beneficial than you think.


There is also a subset of people who simply want the option of taking a bath from time to time. If you sell your home, you might miss out on a buyer because you don't have a bathtub.


Finally, sometimes taking a bath is awesome! If you find yourself liking a soak from time to time, you might miss your tub.


Considering a conversion?


If it's time to get rid of the tub and get the shower of your dreams, contact Matrix Home Solutions today for a free quote. Our expert team can help you plan your bathroom remodel. Whether it's a tub conversion or something a little larger, we've got you covered.


Enjoy the convenience and lower energy costs of a shower with an insured, efficient, and trusted remodel from Matrix Home Solutions!