The basement is probably the most common catch-all storage space in a home, right after the garage. Even in finished basements, storage is still a priority - everything from holiday decorations to workshop tools and items for next spring's garage sale. How do you organize it all, keep it in good condition, and still use your basement?


It's actually a lot easier than you might think to have a functional, beautiful, and well-organized basement if you learn the basics of effective, safe storage.


Concerns about storing items in a basement


Be aware of water


The first concern in any basement will always be humidity. Being underground simply means there will always be a higher level of dampness than the rest of the house. This is also where water can seep in from the foundation, and since this is the lowest point in your home, all of your plumbing goes here to flow out. Water will always be a concern in your basement, but you can plan around it.


Store wooden items off the ground (or out of the basement entirely). If you must store wood in the basement, if it can be clear-coated, it should be. If not, do not store them directly touching the ground, as even a small amount of flooding or seepage can utterly destroy them.


Run a dehumidifier as well, being mindful to dump it as it fills. Even if your basement doesn't feel overly damp, you'd be surprised at how much excess water a dehumidifier can pull from the air. This humidity damages everything from fabric to wood, metal, and paper.


Finally, if you have tools in your basement, ensure they're coated in a thin layer of machine oil to prevent rust.


Store smarter, not harder


A combination of open cabinets for oft-used and display items along with closed cabinetry for "clutter" items like books and toys is essential. This is especially true if you have a finished basement where people hang out. Cabinets are great because you can use a lot of the open wall space to hang them, making use of empty space to better organize your home.


Consider built-ins as well, particularly along a staircase or the bottom of a bar. These not only look good, but they provide functional, aesthetic storage.

Shelving is a great way to maximize space in your basement as well. Storing high vertically is still limited by the fact that the ceiling is lower in the basement, so items will be out of the way but still extremely accessible. Pegboard is also a great fit for a crafting room or basement workshop, keeping everything up out of the way but within easy reach.


Seal it all up


Tightly locking totes are essential to storing items in a basement. Not only will they keep dust and humidity out, they'll also deter rats, mice, and insects from shredding or nesting in your stuff.


Looking to make your basement better?


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