Your basement can be a simple place to store extra household items and to do your laundry, or it can be a totally functional extra living space. The main thing that separates these two concepts is whether there's a bathroom. Since all of your plumbing naturally flows to the lowest point of your home before leaving, it's fairly simple to add a bathroom to a basement.


Is it worth it, though? Remodels can be costly or time-consuming - adding a bathroom might feel like a huge to-do, but it doesn't have to be. With a little planning and the right team on your side, adding a bathroom to your basement can be a valuable and simple upgrade for your home.


Should you add a bathroom to your basement?


One consideration of putting in a bathroom is whether you spend a lot of time in your basement. If it's mostly a storage area, a bathroom isn't going to be as useful, compared to if your basement gets a lot of traffic. Installing a bathroom down there, however, can be the first step in finishing your basement and making it a gathering place.


Additionally, by putting in a half bath - a toilet and sink, essentially - you still add value to your home, in a more budget-friendly manner. Adding the bathroom in the basement also minimizes the intrusion into your daily life, as you won't have a remodeling team on your main floor all day. It's nice to have an additional bathroom for when people stay over, or for the eventuality of having more kids (or kids moving back home).


Speaking of which, by adding a bathroom, you can start to convert your basement into another bedroom. Whether you'd rent it out or have a space for a kid home from college, more bedrooms translate to more home value if you were to resell. Listings with more bedrooms and more bathrooms simply pop off a realtor's page - 3 beds, 2 baths simply doesn't look as good as 4 beds, 2.5 baths!


Basement bathrooms add utility


For bathrooms in basements with egress to a backyard or driveway, a bathroom is a great place to clean up before entering the house. Whether you're coming in from shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, or playing in the yard, a basement bathroom can catch the dirt of the outside before you track it through the house. You can even use it as a sort of mudroom; the utility of a basement bathroom is endless (even without an egress).


If you're considering adding a basement bathroom, let Matrix Home Solutions help make it a reality. Our design team can help you figure out what best suits your family's needs, and then we can execute that plan quickly and with minimal interference. Contact us today and get a free quote to start the process of claiming your basement as an additional, comfortable room for your family to enjoy!