Kids' bathrooms are much more fun than boring adult bathrooms. You can make a kid’s bathroom as fun and colorful as you like, and you can customize the decor to match your children’s personalities! Of course, you also have to remember safety and include age-appropriate features, too. Here are a few of our top bathroom ideas for your kids, whether they’re babies or teenagers or any age between.


Bathroom Ideas for Babies and Toddlers


For ages 0 to 5 or so, safety really should come first in the bathroom. At this stage, children are just learning how their bodies work, and they’re more likely to slip in the shower or have trouble reaching the sink.


Unfortunately, kids are also fairly messy and destructive at this age. It’s best to keep grout lines to a minimum (seamless walls and floors are easier to clean). You can also use epoxy grout, which won’t stain as easily.


Make sure you add a step stool so your children can easily reach the toilet and sink as needed. A non-slip mat helps prevent accidents in the tub. If possible, install hooks instead of towel bars because they’re easier for little hands to use. Hang them at a kid’s level since they’re the ones using the space.


Separate faucets for hot and cold water help kids choose the perfect temperature, and a curved shower rod gives you more space to bathe your young children and babies.


If your toddlers are curious, you might also need a safety latch for your toilet. Otherwise, they might flush small items or play in the toilet water.


Bathroom Ideas for School-Aged Kids


Once your child is a bit older (around 6 to 10), you can start to remove the safety features and focus on fun decor and convenience. You can probably skip the step stool, but keep the shower mat and hooks.


At this age, kids love to express themselves. They can help choose the decor, but make sure it’s something they’ll still love in a few years. Otherwise, you might have a 12-year-old who hates her bright pink bathroom.


Older kids can also start cleaning their bathrooms themselves, so keep that in mind as you’re remodeling. Focus on easy-to-clean features to make the job easier. Make sure there’s plenty of space around the sink, toilet, and tub so little hands can reach these areas. An open shelf under the sink gives you plenty of room for toy storage, too.


Bathroom Ideas for Tweens and Teenagers


As children get older, they’ll spend more time focusing on their appearance. This means more time in the bathroom, and it might require a different setup.

At this point, you can raise the hooks or towel bars and skip the toy storage. 


Instead, make sure there’s plenty of space for makeup, hair products, and shaving products. Many older kids prefer to get ready in the bathroom, so consider adding a lighted mirror to make the process easier.


If your children are sharing one bathroom, make sure you add enough storage for each child to have their own space. This limits arguments and makes things much simpler.


Renovating Your Kids’ Bathroom


If you’re renovating your child’s bathroom, you’re likely focused on ensuring the space grows to meet your kid’s needs as they transition from the baby stages to adulthood. We can help. Contact Matrix Home Solutions to find out more about designing a bathroom for your kids.