Few homeowners haven't wished for more usable space, especially in a small bathroom. If your current space feels cramped and is short on storage, you may wish for a completely new space to better accommodate your needs and corral your grooming aids.

However, if adding a new bathroom isn't an option, there are still some tricks you can employ to streamline your existing bath. You'd be surprised at the difference just a few creative changes can make!

Small Ideas: Big Results

The team at Matrix has some bathroom design tips that will change the look of your small bath and boost its function as well.  Keep colors light and bright: Making your bath "feel" larger can be as simple as lightening the wall color and adding some sparkle. If your plumbing fixtures are white and your faucets are polished chrome, that's a great beginning. If there's a window, use white curtains or slim, white mini-blinds. Maximize light with proper lighting fixtures. Use pale, uplifting tones from the ceiling to the floor. Pale blue, dove gray, cream, and butter yellow will add to the quality of light and lift your spirits.  Make room for vertical storage: Add a freestanding shelving unit above the toilet; install floating shelves on the wall, or add narrow shelving to between-the-stud space in the bath. All are handy for small towels, toiletries, and decorative accessories.  Be inventive with custom containers: Shop for wall-mounted soap and lotion dispensers, small cabinets for extra toilet paper and tissues, and cabinet-door-mounted racks for cleaning supplies and incidental bath needs. Use hooks rather than towel bars to save space, and hang them at varying heights.  Hang an organizer: Consider attractive wall-hung shoe organizers near the tub or shower to hold bath salts, shampoo and moisturizer, washcloths, children's bath toys, back scrubbers, and other accessories. Embrace open storage: If you have a linen cabinet in the bath, consider yourself lucky. Remove the upper doors to encourage neatness and stack towels in open view. Add baskets or a small hamper in the lower section for dirty clothes and towels.

Modernize for Better Function

In addition, our remodel experts offer bathroom design ideas that can modernize your existing space with minimal expense and hassle. Think about the following: Replace the tub with a new shower: Add beauty and value by trading an outdated tub or tub shower for a new, glass-door shower that will look and perform better. Our design team will guide you. Add a shower niche or a small shelf: If you're remodeling or adding a shower, plan for the storage and convenience features that you'll want -- they cost little, but you'll appreciate such things as a corner shelf or bench, and a niche or two for soaps and shampoo. Modernize with a glass shower door: There's nothing like clear glass to visually expand the space in a small bathroom. Yes, you'll have to clean it, but that's a small price to pay for the additional light and style that it offers. Backlight the bathroom mirror: Incorporate lighting into your bathroom mirror. Not only will it add a contemporary touch, but it will also make daily grooming tasks easier. Ask our design team for bathroom design ideas that will improve your life.  Install a skylight to brighten the bath: We don't think it's possible to have too much natural light in a bathroom, particularly if its floor space is limited. Add a skylight to bring in more light and create the perfect environment for hanging greenery to refresh your bath space and make it more inviting.

Why not schedule an appointment with the design team at Matrix to discuss these bathroom design tips? We offer free consultations to help crystallize your ideas.