A basement is a wonderful blank canvas for creating a space that is as unique as your family. Whether or not you have your basement set up for a living space, you can definitely benefit by adding a space for cooking. You'd probably be surprised to find out that building a basement bar is not a difficult project if you find the right professional.


Matrix Home Solutions is the basement remodeling Chicago turns to when it wants a kitchenette done right. If you're considering adding a kitchenette to your basement, there's never been a better time.


What is a basement kitchenette?


You probably grew up with a bar in your basement, or you at least knew someone who did. All the adults would hang out, drink, and chit chat while the kids played. The aspects of a basement bar vary from person to person, but most have a sink and space for some appliances like a mini fridge and a microwave.


A kitchenette differs in that it's essentially a mini kitchen, involving space for appliances as well as a bigger sink and a cooktop. Whether your basement is set up as a living area or not, having a second, smaller kitchen is extremely helpful at various times, like if your main kitchen is being remodeled or you have an appliance fail. Additionally, sometimes it's nice to entertain in the basement area and a kitchenette facilitates that event.


Utilizing your basement space


Some basic basement kitchenette ideas run from an induction plate and sink on a space-saving counter to a full-on griddle and space for some appliances. The key to a kitchenette, however, is to make it look more compact and modern. You don't want to fully recreate your kitchen; you just want the option to make a nicer post-party meal than a Hot Pocket.


Does adding a kitchenette add value?


Anything that adds a more finished look to a basement will add value. If your goal is to have a space to lounge in and that could potentially be a separate apartment for a returning college student or a tenant, then a kitchenette will help make that a reality. While you can't tell if another person will value your addition, if you're considering building a basement bar or kitchenette in your basement for you, then you need only ask yourself which you'd prefer.


Professionally installed kitchenettes done efficiently


If you're looking for a basement remodeling Detroit customers can't stop talking about, contact Matrix Home Solutions today. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to listen to your ideas and help create the perfect basement bar or kitchenette. We can come and evaluate your space and help you stay within a specific budget while still crafting the basement space that will be the envy of your friends and family.


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Contact us today and let us know what your dream is, and Matrix can help make it a reality.