Remodeling your bathroom can be one of the most exciting spots in your home to update. A big new shower with an incredible multi-setting water fixture, a whirlpool tub or the safety of a walk-in shower add a tremendous amount of appeal to your home. Naturally, you want to invest in your bathroom while you're living in your house, but what about when you're ready to sell?

Does investing and remodeling your bathroom add to the value of your home and, if so, which components are the most valuable? Before you walk into your next bath remodeling Chicago based project, let's take a look at the most valuable upgrades you can make.

Is remodeling your bathroom worth the investment?

If you're going to continue living in your home for some years, then you should choose bath modeling projects based on what you would enjoy. That doesn't mean, however, that you shouldn't look down the road to see if the money you're spending now is worth it. Fortunately, investments in your bathroom do tend to hold value and increase the value of your home.

The primary point of investment should be the wet area; that is, the shower and tub. These are major renovations that feel amazing once they're done and can be extremely appealing to buyers down the road.

Tub to shower conversion bathroom remodeling

One major improvement you can invest in is creating a shower tub combo if you only have a tub currently. While taking a bath can be appealing, most people would prefer to at least have the option of showering. You will also find that a tub to shower conversion can be done in less than a day and for significantly less cost than you might think. 

While shower remodeling is definitely a fantastic investment, you can also look at updating fixtures throughout the bathroom. Other areas that you can upgrade that hold value are the floor and the vanity. If a person is looking to buy a home and they are won over by the bathroom, that is a huge win for you as the seller.

Planning for the future

In addition to other shower remodeling projects, a walk-in shower is a great investment for older folks or those with mobility issues. Additionally, these types of showers are extremely appealing to older home buyers who might not want to deal with having the conversion done themselves.

If you're looking for the bathroom upgrade value, that will benefit your family now and your bottom line later, you should always focus on the shower and tub first.

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Remodeling your bathroom is a safe bet for the future value of your home

It should provide some peace of mind that just about any upgrade you make to your bathroom will add value to your home. Bathrooms are often a key selling point for home buyers. Most investments in the tub or shower will increase the value of your home.

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