A basement remodel can add a tremendous amount of value and appeal to your home. Think of all of the space that you can use as an additional living area, a renting space, or just a spot to hang out. And no matter what you use your basement for, nothing feels better than pure natural light flowing in through the windows.

But you might think that, as a basement is concerned, getting sunlight in there is pretty difficult. Most basements just have a few small windows, but a daylight basement is designed differently.  A daylight basement has several larger windows or one very large window that lets as much light in as possible. The difference a tremendous amount of natural light makes in a basement means everything, particularly if somebody lives there.

Let's take a look at what a daylight basement is and how you can remodel to this type of layout. This is the kind of basement remodeling Chicago houses need most for those cold winter days when the sun is scarce!

What is a daylight basement?

The daylight basement has windows that allow as much sunlight as possible. They are typically oriented towards the east or west to catch the sunlight as it moves through the sky. The problem is that most existing basements just have a few small windows if they have any at all.

A daylight basement can require some significant remodeling and the effort can be comparable to a walkout basement which requires excavation. But a daylight basement doesn't necessarily have to be as involved.

Daylight basement versus walkout basement

A walkout basement usually involves adding a ramp and door to the exterior of your home that leads directly to the basement. This allows you to have a porch and directly access your basement from the outside of your home in a way that is more appealing than, say, a cellar door. 

Similarly, if your basement simply has small windows currently, at the very least, you will have to put far larger spaces in the side of your home to allow for bigger windows. 

In terms of cost, a walkout basement will almost always be more expensive because it will in many cases require excavation.

In many parts of the country, however, the distinction between a daylight basement and a walkout basement is essentially non-existent.

Pros and cons of a daylight basement

  • The daylight basement feels more like a living space.
  • The addition of an egress window can allow you to list the basement area as another bedroom
  • Both egress and walkout basements add value to your home
  • Finished basements in general are extremely appealing in terms of resale value
  • The type of windows used in daylight basements often need water mitigation
  • Can be more expensive than a standard basement remodel
This is the type of basement remodeling Milwaukee citizens might need to let the light in on those gloomy winter days.

Daylight basements are a beautiful addition to your home

If you're considering finishing your basement, adding more windows for natural light can never hurt. Additionally, adding an egress window can allow you to turn your basement into a proper bedroom and living quarters. As long as you are able to address the possibility of water mitigation and the increased cold during the winter, a daylight basement is a wonderful addition to your home.

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