Your bathroom is your oasis, a place you can go to relax in the shower or bathtub and wash away the stress of the day. If you have a tub and you'd like a shower, you might be surprised to find how easily this conversion can be made. Likewise, if you have a shower and you'd like a tub, the changes can be done faster than you might imagine.


A tub to shower conversion does not need to be overly expensive or complicated. Matrix Home Solutions has been the bath remodeling Chicago customers flock to for over a decade. 


Can bathroom remodeling really be done in a day?

A bathroom remodel can be a daunting process. After all, you're losing access to one of the most important rooms in your house and with a general contractor, there's really no way to know how long you'll be without your bathroom. At Matrix Home Solutions, we pride ourselves on being as efficient as possible so that you don't have to forgo your bathroom any longer than necessary.


Tub to shower conversions


One of the most common requests for bathroom modeling is a tub to shower conversion. If you have just a bathtub, it is an extremely simple matter to make a few small changes in order to set up a shower as well. Imagine being able to come home and take a relaxing shower without the hassle of filling the tub. These types of conversions are almost always done in less than a day - in fact, these are some of the fastest remodels we perform.


Bath remodeling Detroit customers rave about is more accessible than you might think when you call Matrix Home Solutions.


Shower or tub replacement


If you feel like your bathroom is a bit outdated or there is some issue with the tiling, it might be time to consider a new surround. Modern shower surrounds and tubs are durable and resistant to stains and microbes. Additionally, they can be customized to your exact needs, from fixtures to shelving. Our design team can go through all of the options with you to design the tub or shower of your dreams and our installation crew can make it reality in less than a day.


The safety of a walk-in shower


If you suffer from mobility issues or you're getting older and you want to be as safe as possible, a walk-in shower is your best bet. These have an extremely low clearance that allows you to step right in to the comfort and relaxation of a nice, warm shower. Like all of our bathroom installations, this type of remodel can be done in less than a day, and with our financing, you will find it to be far more affordable than you might have ever thought. A walk-in shower can provide years of independence for people who otherwise might need help bathing, and it's a good investment in peace of mind if you have older parents.


Your next bathroom remodel can be closer than you think


If you've been putting off a shower remodeling project because you don't want to be without your facilities for a long time, Matrix Home Solutions can get in and out in less than a day. 


For bath remodeling Milwaukee natives love, contact Matrix Home Solutions. Our agents are waiting to help you craft the bathroom you want in the timeframe you need.