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Midwest Cabinet Accessories Company

No matter how luxurious your cabinet installation may be, it's not fully complete without the right accessories. Cabinet accessories are the icing on the cake and can add refined beauty where cabinet doors and bodies cannot. At Matrix Home Solutions, we have an extensive inventory of diverse accessories you can pick and choose from.

Our installers have been in business since 2009, but our owners and partners have 30+ years of industry experience. We are considered one of the best cabinet remodelers in the Midwest and are a top 50 remodeler nationwide. We're accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have earned an A+ rating, specializing in services that are built for you.

All the Cabinet Accessories Midwest Kitchens Need

It's important that you have many different accessories to choose from for your cabinet remodel. No one wants their kitchen to look like one of their friends'! At Matrix Home Solutions, we make sure that we always have plenty of options available. You'll be provided the opportunity to select the products you want at the start of the installation. This applies to our Midwest cabinet refacing services as well!

No matter what accessory you choose, you can expect it to perform for a lifetime. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on both products and labor, giving you peace of mind that your investment will be worth it. Some of the high-end accessories we provide include:

  • Lifts: Our advanced lift systems enable your cabinet shelves to drop when you need them, and raise back up when they're being stored.
  • Pull-Out and Roll-Out Drawers: Need a quick and easy way to access your cooking utensils? We have many mobile drawer options, as well as drawer racks.
  • Pull Handles: We have a large selection of handles and knobs, all in different finishes.
  • Space Racks: We also have many different variations of space-saving storage racks that you can implement into your cabinet system.

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Although style is extremely important when it comes to cabinetry, nothing is quite as essential as function. With the right cabinet accessories from Matrix Home Solutions, you can ensure that your kitchen is as practical as it can be.

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