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Oxford Basement Bathroom

Since 2009 the team at Matrix Basement System has been servicing the Oxford area with amazing basement remodels. One of the more common options is adding a bathroom to a basement. An extra bathroom available in your house can alleviate many issues you and your family face in your daily routine. 

Over the years, our basement remodelers have worked hard to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. With our fantastic customer service mixed with that, we have earned our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Amazing Basement Bathroom Remodels in Oxford

Most homes can benefit from having an extra bathroom or two. When you and your entire family are trying to start your day, your whole morning can be thrown off, waiting for the bathroom to be accessible. When you choose Matrix Home Solutions, you can end that issue when adding a bathroom to a basement.  

Some of our services and benefits are:

  • Having a whole extra bathroom in your Midwest home.
  • Styles and options that are fully customizable to suit your personal style.
  • Expert remodelers handling your basement remodel.
  • Affordable remodels are offered for your basement.

Your family will thank you when another bathroom and a basement shower to your Michigan home. When you finish a basement with a bathroom, it will allow you to prepare for your day without feeling rushed by other people in your home, and it will save you from having to awkwardly knock on the door, repeatedly rushing the occupant inside.

Customizable Style Options for Your Basement Remodel in Oxford

Your style taste is not the same as everyone else; that is why we find it essential to offer our customers countless design options for their basement bathrooms. You will have fun picking your favorite colors and style choices for your new bathroom. Make your new bathroom look the way you have always wanted when you choose Matrix Home Solutions are your .

Adding and bathroom to a basement has never been easier when you choose Matrix Home Solutions as your basement remodeling company. Our basement remodel team has worked hard over the years, winning many industry awards along the way. We have earned the “Big 50 “ award, as well as the Better Business Bureaus “Complaint Free Award, and earned “Top 500” recognition five times. Your basement bathroom remodel is in capable professional hands.  

Affordable Remodeling Option in Oxford

When you choose Matrix Home Solutions as your basement remodelers, that is a worry of the past. We keep our prices competitive and affordable for our customers. Just because we offer you a great price does not mean we cut corners. We will always provide you with industry-leading work with the best materials available.  

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When you grow tired of having to take a number when having to use your bathroom, contact us a Matrix Bathroom Systems. We are happy to help add a bathroom to a basement. We can customize any space including basement offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Contact us today for your free consultation and estimate for your basement remodel.