It should go without saying that people have differing tastes, and this is often displayed in how homes or certain rooms of the home are decorated. One key area that can tell you a lot about a person's tastes is none other than the bathroom. While bathrooms are areas where people don't tend to spend a lot of time - at least compared to a kitchen, basement or other main living areas - they are one of the spaces in the home where creativity can truly shine and where comfort is prioritized. So what's your bathroom decor preference? Here's a look at the factors you'll want to consider when creating your bathroom aesthetic:


How to Create Your Bathroom Aesthetic

Wall Colors


From solid colors to a color pattern, you can keep things as simple or make them as complex as you want when it comes to this aspect of decor for your bathroom. The options are truly endless. 

bathroom tile
Tile Options


Tile options have also come a long way over the years. While some people still prefer the conventional tile and grout look, some of today's tile options are available in grout-less varieties. This helps make the tile easier to clean and more resistant to cracks and other damage over time. From conventional tiles to subway tiles, the options are plentiful. 


Shower Base vs. Bathtub Base


Do you want a bathtub base or a shower base in your home? If you have young kids or just like to soak in a nice bath from time to time, then a bathtub makes sense. But others prefer the sleek, more streamlined look of a shower base and glass shower doors.


Extra Tub, Shower Support


From grab bars to built-in benches in the shower, it can make sense in the right situations to add American Disability Act-approved support features so that any elderly or handicapped members of the household can use the bathroom and all of its amenities safely and with confidence.


Curtains or Doors?


If you opt with the bathtub base, you'll more than likely have a shower curtain in your bathroom. But for shower bases - and even some bathtub bases - doors are an option. There are many styles of doors that you can choose for your bathroom, from treated glass doors, framed and frameless doors, and even sliding or French doors.


Additional Features


In addition to any support features that can be added to the bathtub or shower, add-on features like shelving, foot bars and advanced shower head designs can also help take your bathroom to the next level and transform it into a more luxurious bathing space.


Walk-In Tubs


There are bathtub bases and shower bases... and then there's the Alexis walk-in tub that you can also select from for your next bathroom project. This exclusive bathtub permits easy access and offers a relaxing overall experience complete with directional jets, foot massage features and many other features to help relieve muscle tension and improve overall mobility.


General Decor


Complement your bathroom decor with the likes of pictures, paintings and even plants to fully round out your bathroom


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