With Halloween right around the corner, it's common for you to queue up some of the great scary movies and television shows that Hollywood has produced over the years. But if you notice that your basement is starting to look a bit like the haunted houses that these programs are set in, we think you've definitely got a bit of a problem on your hands. Basements, by nature, aren't the most inviting places in the home. In fact, on a very basic level, they're designed to simply house the HVAC system and other key household appliances. Maybe you use it for storage of seasonal items and other belongings. But at the same time, your basement shouldn't be a place that you avoid.


Whether you've previously finished your basement only to watch it endure moisture issues or you want to transform a currently unfinished space into a more welcoming environment, there are plenty of good reasons to do so - and our Matrix Basement System can help you do it. Here's a closer look:


Why Transform Your Basement Into a Welcoming, Inviting Space?


Add Useable Living Space


Perhaps the biggest reason to launch a basement remodel is to add living space to your home. While basements still make for ideal storage areas, they can also make for great second living rooms, family rooms, play rooms and more. Whether you've outgrown the space on the other levels of your home and need more of it or you just want to add more space, you can "build down" with the basement.


basement renovation


More Household Amenities, Specialty Rooms


Always wanted that man cave complete with a wet bar? Tired of paying for a membership and leaving your home to get a workout in at the gym? Want to add a movie theater for the movie lovers in your household? What about a guest room or guest living space for when you have company? A basement remodel offers endless opportunities to customize your new living area.


Enhance Home Value, Appeal


It's estimated that finished basements offer a return of up to 70 percent of your initial investment. While this isn't as significant of a return on investment as other household projects, it still increases your home value and help ensure a fast sale for a high price should you ready to sell your home at any point in the future. Finished basements extend the useable living space of the home, and if certain mold prevention techniques are implemented, the property becomes even more attractive.




Prevent Scary Mold, Moisture Problems with the Matrix Wall System


Of course, a big part of transforming your basement from a spooky space to a welcoming, inviting one - or preventing spooky conditions from amounting in the first place - is to make sure that you're not encouraging mold growth. Mold can grow in the right mix of temperature, moisture and humidity, and its the lower levels of homes that tend to harbor such conditions. Finishing the basement right is a key preventative measure, and with the Matrix Wall System, you can keep this moisture intrusion and mold growth at bay. The Matrix Wall System uses metal - rather than wood - framing, spray foam insulation, and mold and mildew resistant purple board. In addition to keeping moisture out and serving as a mold prevention strategy, it's also a much more energy-efficient solution. 


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You should be able to watch and enjoy "The Conjuring" in your basement - not have your lower level resemble the home that the movie is set in. And with the Matrix Basement System, you can ensure that you're able to do just that. Contact us today for more information and take that important first step to getting the basement of your dreams.