Now that the holidays are over, we all have a little more time to breathe.  Although we'd love to speculate that we're going to be leaving our homes more in 2021, no one seems to know for sure. With that in mind, now is a great time to think about conquering some home projects you left on your to-do list last year. Here's what you need to know about starting new years projects in your home.

1. Finish Your Basement to Add More Living Space

In many homes, basements become wasted space. Unfinished basements are too cold, dark and even dangerous to spend time in, and most homeowners turn their unfinished basements into a storage unit for seasonal items or a space to do laundry, leaving extra square footage of potential living space unused or inefficiently used. Finishing your basement gives you more flexibility. You can still store items in a finished basement, but you can do other things there too. 

Need room for a home office? An extra bedroom? A home gym or a room for spending family time? A well-finished basement is the perfect place to make your home goals a reality. When taking on this type of home renovation, it is important to work with a qualified contractor who will get the proper permits. This helps ensure the work is done the right way and adds value to your home. Unpermitted work, like an unpermitted bathroom in the basement, could devalue your home and make it much harder to sell.  

bathroom remodel


2. Optimize the Bathroom Space You Already Have

Maybe your home has an old bathroom that no one likes to use, or maybe your bathroom isn't age-in-place friendly and you or your parents are nearing retirement age. Whatever the case, this is a good opportunity to optimize the space you already have with a remodel that makes the most of your home. Some suggestions:
  • Tub to shower conversion. Install a curbless shower in your bathroom for easy, safe access in your golden years.
  • Shower to tub conversion. Having children soon? Install a bathtub where you can keep them clean.
  • Full bathroom remodel. Make your bathroom look and function its best with a full renovation including cosmetic and fixture upgrades.    
A bathroom remodel can be time-consuming, as a typical remodel takes about 5 weeks from start to finish, and this does not include the time spent planning or designing your bathroom remodel. Finding the right contractor can itself take a couple weeks, so if this is on your list of new years projects, get started right away.


3. Get Organized With an Expertly Installed Garage System

Now that it's time to pack up your holiday decorations, this is a perfect opportunity to restructure the storage space you have in your home. An effective garage system with overhead or built-in storage can help you take advantage of an often unforgotten space on your property: the garage.  garage system

Work with a skilled, experienced contractor to get the work done. Items placed in storage can get heavy, so it's important to bolt your new storage system into the studs to ensure it will bear the weight. To get started with this project, begin with a consultation to discuss what might be stored in your garage and how much storage space you'll need to get it properly stored. 

Start Your Home Improvement Project Now

A well-executed home improvement project can increase the value of your home and make your home more attractive to buyers when the time comes to sell. Home improvement projects can also improve your quality of life. Whether you're creating more space for family time, installing a home office or preparing your home to age in place, a good home remodel can make your home what you've always wanted it to be.  

To find out more about how you can start your home improvement project, contact Matrix Home Solutions. We're a trusted name in home improvement and home remodeling in the Chicago area. Call today to find out more about home renovation, garage systems installation, basement finishing, and bathroom remodeling.