In any family home, free space tends to quickly fill up. Looking outside the main structure of the home can help you expand your living space without the need for expensive and complicated additions. The garage is a great place to start. With some basic improvements like insulation and attractive new flooring, it’s easy to transform any garage into a comfortable and clean new living space. Get the whole family excited about your next Chicago remodeling project with these ideas for garage renovations.

The Opportunities for Garage Redesign

The garage is often overlooked as an opportunity for reclaiming valuable living space. As with basement and attic finishing projects, garage remodels do require some extensive work. But the payoff is a comfortable and beautiful space that can be used as a:

  • Secure storage area for seasonal decorations, family heirlooms, and more
  • Den or playroom for the entire family to enjoy together, complete with a projection screen or gaming system
  • Workshop spaces for specific hobbies or for general repair purposes
  • Car or motorcycle tailored garage storage systems, making it easy to handle routine maintenance and repairs at home.

If you’d rather use the space as a guest room, indoor micro greens farm, or reptile keeping room, there’s a solution for all of these ideas as well. Climate control, insulation, epoxy flooring, advantage storage cabinetry, and more are all available to help transform the garage.

Choosing a Floor That Can Handle Pets and Kids

Garage floors tend to start out as nothing more than bare concrete. If the garage has seen any use in the past, it likely has stains, oily residues, and others marks on the surface as well. Cleaning up and polishing the concrete isn’t necessarily the best idea because the new surface is prone to damage from both vehicles and rambunctious kids and pets. For a material that can handle anything you want to do in your new garage, try epoxy flooring. It creates a whole new surface to hide any imperfections and stains on the previous surface, not to mention offering the durability you need to prevent scratches and more from busy family use.

Other Benefits to Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is more than just durable and attractive. When it comes to the garage, it also offers important benefits like:

  • Quick installation, taking just 1 day in most cases
  • UV resistance to prevent discoloration and yellowing over time
  • Waterproof and highly high resistant to ensure that crafts and projects don’t damage the flooring
  • Easy to clean up any oil, chemical, or gas spill on the surface without the risk of damage
  • Textured surface options provide non-slip traction for the whole family without interfering with cleaning
  • Resistant to abrasions and impacts alike, ensuring that items dropped and dragged aren’t a problem.

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