Do you have an unfinished, mostly unused basement in your home? Basements are extremely common throughout the Midwest, and far too many of them never get used for anything beyond storage.


Yet in many homes, that basement is usable space that can be finished and add to the square footage of the home.


Use one of these ideas to reclaim that space, add more functionality, and even increase your home’s value.


  • Go classic with a den
  • Create an epic man cave
  • Create a second living or family space
  • Add a bedroom (if you have egress)

The Classic: A Downstairs Den


Turning your basement into a den is a popular method because dens can be flexible multipurpose spaces, and they don’t have to be anything fancy, either. Dens are typically spaces to crash and relax, but usually aren’t used for formal entertaining. Complete the space with cozy furniture such as a low-slung couch, a corner lamp (for aesthetics and for curling up with a good book), and maybe a TV, too.


The Sports Fan: An Epic Man Cave


If you’re a die-hard sports fan — but your better half isn’t exactly thrilled with showing off your favorite teams in the main living space — an epic basement man cave could be the answer. The space is already removed from the rest of the house, so it doesn’t need to conform to existing styles or color schemes. Go crazy with gear and the colors of your favorite team, and invite your fellow fans over every week for game day!


The Family Plan: A Second Living or Family Space


Is your family constantly arguing over what to watch for movie night? Are you always out of space in your primary living room or family room?

Your basement could be the answer. Why not create a duplicate space in the basement so you can give yourself options? Use it for a playroom or video game room, or make it your serious movie-viewing location so the upstairs can stay a little more formal.


The +1 Bedroom: Perfect for Growing Families (or Increasing List Value)


If your small basement space has egress (windows or doors through which a person can exit to the outside), consider turning all or part of that space into an additional bedroom. Adding another bedroom can significantly boost the list value of your home, plus it gives your growing family room to breathe. Older kids can get more privacy this way, too.


Just make sure to check local regulations surrounding egress: a windowless room with only one interior door can’t be legally used as a bedroom in Illinois and usually can’t in Michigan or Wisconsin, either.


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