Popular wisdom has long decreed that every home needs at least one traditional tub or tub-shower combination. Today, however, a growing number of homeowners opt to convert that standard tub into a more modern and, arguably, more functional stand-alone shower. 

Here are three great reasons to think about replacing a dated bathtub with a modern shower:


While a tub is great for children who love bubble baths and rubber duckies, a standard tub can be less than functional for adults, particularly those with any type of mobility problem. Stepping over the rim of a tub can be difficult for older adults, and the slippery bottom surface can lead to accidents even for children and teens.

Modern shower installations fit easily into the footprint of an existing 30 by 60 tub. Depending on your bathroom floor plan, it may be possible to gain even more space for a luxurious shower. Alternatively, if you're replacing a water-guzzling, oversize jetted tub, you might gain extra storage space or have room for a larger vanity if you replace it with a shower.  

Adding grab bars or a slim bench, as well as niches for soap and shampoo, offers even more convenience and adds to ease of use for all ages. Tub replacement can sometimes be accomplished in as little as a single day. A new shower is not only appropriate for a master bathroom but can add new safety and style to a bathroom shared by teens and guests as well.


Older bathrooms with tubs and tub-shower combos were functional, but they seldom win style awards today, even with updated faucets, tile, and trim. Shower curtains, no matter how stylish, do not always contain the shower spray or prevent puddles on the floor. Glass partitions can be difficult to keep looking clean and pristine. 

With a wealth of modern materials to choose from, including seamless wall panels and non-slip shower flooring in addition to traditional tile and grout, a homeowner can easily satisfy individual decor preferences and create a personal grooming space that is not only attractive but that functions as a "home spa." 

Depending on your budget, investigate tub-to-shower conversion options, which include curbless installation, sliding doors to visually enlarge the bathroom space, multiple or flexible shower heads, adjustable water temperature controls to prevent scalding, even piped-in music, mood lighting, and aromatherapy options.     


There are many reasons to consider replacing a tub with a new shower, and boosting your home's value is just one of them. While some appraisers will add 10 to 15% to a home's value for a remodeled bathroom that includes a great shower, it is rare to realize more than the actual cost of the renovation. However, a modern shower can prompt faster offers if you plan to sell your home, or it will add to your enjoyment if you remain in the home. Either way, it's a win!

There are some cautions to keep in mind, however, when planning a tub replacement. Available options for bath remodeling and tub-to-shower conversion are extensive. Keep the planned remodel in line with the style and decor of the rest of the house. We can replace your existing tub with a new walk-in tub-shower, a stand-alone shower with safety features and sleek, easy-care materials, or a custom design that suits your individual needs.

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